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About Us

The Saccani family came to Sacramento from Pennsylvania in 1922.

Saccani Distributing Company was founded in April 1933, after the repeal of prohibition, by Albert Saccani. He started the business from an office shared with Meredith Fish Company in Old Sacramento. Al would take orders in the mornings and deliver the beer in the afternoon. He only had one truck then, which the family helped him purchase. At that time there were seventeen beer distributors in the Sacramento area. Of those original seventeen, we are the only original remaining distributor. Saccani Distributing Company remains a family run business with six Saccani’s still working on a daily basis. We take pride in the fact that we are a locally owned company that supports our local economy.

Saccani Distributing serves 21 counties in Central and Northern California as the main distributor for Pabst Brewing Co. brands, numerous craft breweries, and other domestic and imported beers and wide variety of non alcoholic waters, juices and soft drinks.